Hosting solution for domainers

Hosting solution for domainers

Hi everyone,
2017 will soon end and with the black friday / cyber monday deals everywhere around you may search for a reliable hosting plan for your new venture, or you are just searching for a new hosting provider to give life to your domains,
i would like to add a review of one hosting provider that i’m using :

i’ll start the review by first looking at the rating review by other users, that information was found when searching google for : “planethoster reviews” keyword, that was 9.2 out of 10 ! promocode – visit : ,
then enter:PHA-assetdomains
, it’s a big hosting provider headquartered in Canada that serves around 40000 customers and 100000 websites and was around since 2007, have servers in multiple sites and offer many security options, like:

partnership with Arbor Network gives you free Anti-DDoS protection
Double anti-malware protection with clamAV and PlanetHoster's own anti-malware suite
Double authentication system using Google Authenticator protects your login (optional)
All servers protected against brute force attacks
data centers are certified: TIER III, ISO9001:2008, ISO50001:2011, ISAE3402 and PCI-DSS certifications

other technical specifications that may interest you aswell :

  • Daily backups of your files and databases with R1Soft tools
  • Server customization available. For example: Varnish, Percona, Ruby, and more
  • Possibility to choose your own PHP, Ruby, Python and Node.js versions
  • Customizable php.ini for your PHP sites
  • PHP7, HTTP/2, OPcache/Xcache gives your site the edge
  • FTP and WebDav file transfer
  • SPF/DKIM (secure emails) for email newsletters

other infrastructure options are including:

  • Optimized and redundant network offering you 99.999% uptime. VPS: 99.99% / Hybrid hosting: 99.9%
  • Low latency Anycast DNS
  • high availabity SAN’s (SC9000) in partnership with Dell

returning to the plans, i’ll have to underline that domainers ( and all other customers ) will get a free domain name when selecting a yearly plan,

the pricing is ranging from 4.99 per month to 6.66 / 9.99 per month for unlimited sites ! and interesting discounts for yearly subscriptions ! , you can try the plans for free to test it and get used to the interface that is intuitive.

the plans are including simple plans, hybrid cloud and will fit any needs by selecting more options, you will also get shell access, email boxes , etc, but one very important thing : you get unlimited ! yes unilimited websites hosting with the World plus plans !!!

Hoting plans ranging from 4.99 per month to 6.66 /  9.99  per month for unlimited sites ! the Best deal for domainers !

problems encountered during the use : almost none, i found it difficult to add additional domains because the interface was little bit hard to understand at the beginning, but here came the ultimate feature and why i have selected  > the Best customer support i have found during all my webhosting experience !

you get the problem solved during the conversation with the technical support specialist, that speaks both english and french.

i recommend you using , just select it and connect your domains to it 🙂

if you have any questions , feel free to ask and i’ll do my best responding, don’t dorget to use the promo-code and call the PlanetHoster staff as i did during the testing period to understand what i’m talking about when it come to fast response.

Ciao !


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