My experience with

My experience with


I would like to write few words about my experience with one company that is doing a great job, it’s , an international Web hosting company with headquarters in Canada that provide hosting ( both shared and cloud based) and domain name registration services, basically, if you have a web site, you need a hosting provider, here I move forward a little bit to add that you’ll get a free domain name if you select a yearly plan, the hosting plans are starting from 4,99 to 6,66 and 9,99 the last two will make it possible to add unlimited websites ( domains) ! to your account, not only that, you will get access to an FTP, mailboxes, and a number of pre-installed internet scripts like WordPress, Joomla , e-commerce , forums etc…., without to forget to mention the support of a wide range of programming languages, including Node.js and Python…

My experience with Planethoster started after I got problems with my previous hosting provider-  Directspace, I got problems and their service was unresponsive via phone, the biggest problem (that I have found after buying the hosting was a blacklisted ip), I have started searching for another solution because the connection have to be 99% of time and a situation when you call your provider and you don’t get a response was not normal to me.

The first thing I have performed was to search of a decent hosting provider in terms of customers reviews, I understand that with massive advertising and the maturation of the industry the technical level of the majority of providers was almost the same with some exceptions regarding the connection delays ( that are not very important for small to medium projects), the reviews of caught my attention ( just search google : Planethoster reviews), the ratings were near 5/5  and the comments of the customers were so warm, so I have opted for testing the service for 1 month, I found the interface new at first, during that period I called several times the technical support team and I received a response each time and information about new services that will be available in future, the technical staff were attentive and heard my questions with understanding, after the end of the free month I continued working with them and wanted to let you know that you can follow the same path as me and just write under my comment your experience after one month, I bet you will have the same experience 😉.

My favorite tool at Planethoster is the world panel , where you have a global vision of tools and their state to control your assets, if you need, you can use the Cpanel that is just on top of your interface.

I have 8 projects in development, with 2 of them ready and the other coming in the next few months.

To sum-up has:

  • Ultra- class multilingual 24/24 technical support , I’ll rate them 6 stars out of 5!
  • Multi-projects friendly hosting provider
  • Security aware company, you get notification about security issues and future technical preventive actions.
  • Flexible pricing, made for long- term business.
  • A huge pack of pre- installed web solutions ( that are updating)


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