A domain name is important for startups

A domain name is important for startups

Great discussion thread in Quora.com about the importance of domains, https://www.quora.com/How-important-is-Domain-name to get an answer to the question: a domain name is important ?

Another is to write us an email to get a short answer for free !

 in any situation, the most important thing : be creative and don’t copy and paste form others, because things are changing and online marketing is changing faster than everything.

There are many forums about domains , but they are overspecialized for the end buyer (You) if you need to buy a domain name, to make it easy , the only solution is to follow a strategy : are you starting a business , searching a name for a new product or rebranding or buying a domain name as a defense / attack strategy, keep in mind that top companies have thousand of domain names, they redirect them to the main website or they are just dormant ( to be used for future projects)

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